For managing your resources and assets at the yard, plant or port

Yard Management gives you real time control of accesses, movements, operational cycles and storage capacity, among other indicators concerning your business.

Access Control

Real time control of people and vehicle entries and exits, machinery and containers, as well as on the capacity limits of the various distribution centres and yards, among others, with an artificial intelligence option, for a stronger control.

Asset management at yards and warehouses

The Yard Management solution is based on mapping the operational area in which your resources can be actively monitored and managed.

Integrated alert panel

With Yard Management, you can efficiently and promptly manage any incidents affecting your operation at a yard, distribution centre, plant or port.

Data that helps you improve results
  • Status of the operation
  • Risk Levels
  • Available capacity
  • Scoring the operation, third companies and people’s behaviour
  • In and out flows

This platform enables you to view and analyze operational, asset, alert, and other indicators, for an increased team efficiency and quality data delivery.

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