Registering, controlling and managing your orders

Web and mobile (app) viewing solution for controlling, recording, tracing and managing orders since they exit a distribution centre until they are finally delivered at destination, and any potential returns to origin (reverse logistics). The proof of delivery function provides you with actual certainty of delivery through a form with a photo and signature.

For keeping control of your trip planning

With the Last Mile App, you gain control of your trips by viewing the information on the status of each of your orders and the accumulated level of service, among other last mile indicators, in real time.

For a full control of your orders

This App enables you to scan order bar or QR codes, so that you can keep the information of each of your orders under control from shipment to delivery.

For a real time monitoring

This capability monitors the behaviour of each of your drivers from origin to destination, following their route progress, as well as any incidents or alerts that they may encounter up to delivery.

For smart actions

Dashboards and indicators give you access to easy and smart views of incidents, warnings and events that may affect the delivery status of your orders.

  • Loaded (%) level
  • In transit orders (%)
  • Delivered or rejected orders (%)
  • Types of rejected deliveries
  • Delivery service compliance
  • Service level compliance per zone, carrier or others
  • Percentage POD orders
  • Delivery geolocation

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