End to End visibility and traceability of the cycle of logistics

In Transit provides you with a capability for viewing and tracing the cycle of logistics from end to end, and for intervenes the distribution chain, so that you can monitor and control your fleet, and hence, improve productivity and reduce operational risks.

A view of all gps signals

This solution enables you to integrate the GPS signals of all of your carriers in one place and view their indicators in real time.

Real time movement

In Transit furnishes you with data on the movements of your assets and route management details of both own and third party vehicles, with KPIs to help your provide a better service.

Automated driver behaviour evaluation

Using technology and data analysis, In Transit generates real time analyses of your carriers’ driving behaviours according to different algorithms.

Dashboards with continuously updated data

All of the information and indicators on your fleet and carriers on line, so that you can make intelligent decisions in real time.


Your indicators with opening dates, origin and destination centres, geographic locations and customer clusters, among others specific to your business:

  • Number and percentage of monitored fleet
  • Fleet without GPS
  • GPS‑equipment signal reporting frequency
  • In-transit times
  • Times at origin and destination/customer
  • Percentage compliance with delivery time windows
  • Return times
  • Stay times
  • Total cycle time of logistics
  • Hauling evaluation and grade
  • % OTIF

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