For centralizing all events and launching protocols

The centralization of all of the events that have been defined on the platform, triggering action protocols for a full control and follow up, together with reducing operational risks.

Real time management

The capability to receive alerts and incident notifications on your operation in real time, reduce risks and increase productivity by running predefined protocols.

Predefined protocols

A functionality to run protocols associated to events occurring in your operation, using previously defined scripts and agreed escalation levels per type of alert or incident.


A function that enables you to define incident management times and measure actual response times in real time by client, executive or type of incident.

Call Center

A capability to manage your business operations that you can make available to your call center or executives, or through de ALTO MovUp.


A functionality to monitor and store a detailed management history of any alerts, including date and time of events, resolution times, type of escalation run, event location, and other information.

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